Natural Geography

  Xiamen's mean annual temperature is 21.2℃. Its mean annual highest temperature is 24.5℃, mean annual lowest temperature 18.7℃,annual highest temperature 38.4℃, annual lowest temperature 2℃, mean temperature in the coldest month is above 13℃, frost-free whole year. Annual lowest temperature of sea-water surface is 10℃,annual highest temperature 31.5℃,mean annual temperature 20.7—21.6℃. Xiamen's sea wind and land wind are very obvious. From midnight till noon the wind is from the west and the northwest (generally scale 1 to 2, at most 4), from noon till midnight the wind is from the south and the southeast (generally scale 3 to 4, at most 6). Summer wind generally is from the southeast and the southwest, begins in June, 

  popular in July, down in August, average scale 2-3. From late September to early April of next year, there‘s awinter wind and the wind-speed is most forceful in November, generally the wind is from the northeast and the east .

  Marine fog occurs from November to June of next year, most in March, monthly most frequency is 8 times, second 6times. July to October is pure fog period, if there is fog, visibility is inside 1 km.; in March-May visibility is poorer, visibility is better in July-October. Thick fog generally occurs at midnight and in the morning,continuously the longest time is 3 days, shortest time 1 hour.

  Thunderstorm occurs mostly from May to August. December to February of next year is thunder-free period, thunderstorm often causes rainstorm.

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