Piano Museum

  Piano Museum, which is finished on Gulangyu in January, 2000, is located in "Tingtao Pavilion" of Shuzhuang Garden. It covers an area of 450 square meters, and it is divided into two floors. There are 40 more old pianos displayed in the museum (collected by patriotic overseas Chinese Mr. Hu Youyi), among which are rare and valuable gold-plating piano in the world, the oldest four-corner piano in the world and the oldest and biggest vertical piano, antique hand-power piano, pedal auto-performing piano, 8-pedal ancient piano, etc.

  No matter whether they are tourists, musicians or artists, Gulangyu Piano Museum edifies them in art and music endlessly. The famous Australian pianist Jefferly Toson is the sworn friend of Mr. Hu Youyi, he said, "I'm proud of my friend, he gave the most special gift to China". Furthermore, for the opening of mesuem, Jefferly Toson held a special recital in Gulangyu Music Hall. After visiting the museum, French pianist Michel Boorston said: "I hope one day we can hold an international piano art festival here". Our country's famous conductor Han Zhongjie, Zheng Xiaoying and American Chinese Yin Chengzong are all deeply charmed by the Piano Museum’s music.

Brief Introduction to Gulangyu

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